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  • I found the Surface Pro 3 keyboard a bit too small and I just returned a MacBook Pro 13" because it was a little cramped as well. I'm interested in a comparison between the XPS 13 is the keyboard made for an 11" body as well as the screen? I'm looking for a new laptop and my Microsoft store doesn't stock these items, so I can't test them out.

  • Commenting on a stranger's body and rubbing up against a stranger are both harassment, the subway incident could even be called assault.

  • Our solo aim behind practicing yoga is to stay healthy both mentaly and physically- so, it should be practice and most be encouraged rather making it compulsory. Because, making it compulsory we wont get visible sucess as we cant ensure whether people are really doing it from their heart and even in yoga, there are some hindu CHANT like "OMM" and surya namskar present which is against islam so muslim will be relcutant to practice this and making compulsory may surface communal violance. Means, we govt+socity encourage our people by propagating the benifites of practicing yoga and sure it will take time but by this we can change individual mind and can attract the masses including muslim who were before relcutant. For ex- in Bangladesh, when the government decided to adopt family planning to cotrol growth of population then muslim raised its against islam but govt did not forced but it propagated the benifits of family planning and people slowly understood and for devlopment of socity the masses kicked out that religious belif and adopted family planning and govt got sucess thogh it took time. So in sum up, it will be inappropiate to make yoga conmpulsory so govt by respecting Art 25 of constitution sholud modify her yoga ploicy means a shift from compulsory to encourage.

  • I wrote down the personality traits I desired on a piece of paper, and stated "Lilith, I want my succubus to be ____" and etc. I walked outside and burned it, although it was burning very slowly and even stopped and I had to relight it. I cleared my mind and tried so hard to visualize a perfect, beautiful girl, but I could never get her entire features to manifest vividly enough. In fact, I even uttered you instead of "your" in the last incantation, so I may have just messed the entire thing up. It looks like I'll have to stay up till 3 am, so I can get the best results or maybe I just don't have the concentration to be able to visualize a girl correctly.

  • The dominant Western civilization has borrowed and is using ever since innumerable discoveries and concepts of other civilizations like China, India, Egypt etc. Now since the other civilizations are also gaining a say in the order, more such issues will come in future. Its amusing because every concept has a milieu and how may ever one try it cannot be divorced from that. For example will these evangelicals go to court tomorrow to remove 'Zero' from mathematics just because it is borrowed from 'Hindu' Numerology where it 'Shunya' represents void of 'Brahman' or 'non-being' of atheistic Buddhism?

  • The music is simply awful again, subjective , and the workouts themselves are nothing really all that new. If yoga and flexibility is ones goal, I would go after DDP Yoga in a heartbeat or maybe even Tai Cheng for the adventurous. It's a tough game to review these things because as more come out, more must be compared to each other.

  • I've had various orthopedic surgeries and all I can say to those hesitant, is to start slow and work your way up.